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BU Brings Support to Neurodivergent Students

Discover how having a person on campus you can lean on leads to successful outcomes.

Education at Any Age

Connecting with Peoria’s 50+ community, this organization offers a wide breadth of ways to keep your brain active.

Producing Success & Providing Opportunity

Brian Scheffler '09 has taken what he learned at Bradley to bring the action on game days, and provide a pathway for current Braves to experience all of the elements that go into a live broadcast production!

Adventures Abroad: How Fulbright Grants Enrich Education and Research for Bradley Scholars and Students

From the Azores to Costa Rica, one Bradley professor immerses herself in local environments to study social-ecological systems and understand the broader implications of global conservation efforts.

Bradley Biology Professor Receives National Mentor Award

Dr. Anant Deshwal, Assistant Professor in the Biology Department, was awarded the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) Biology Mentor Award for an early career scientist.

Edible Insects: The Science and Sensory Delight Behind the BugNug

Why this student thinks you may be biting into bugs sooner than you think.

Meet the Math Marvel with a Penchant for Propelling Others

This student switched his major, tutored hundreds and still graduated early.

IT Workforce Accelerator Program: A Catalyst for Career Growth in Central Illinois

The program, designed to bolster the IT job market in Central Illinois, provides no-cost training to credential and train over 1,000 people by May 2025.

Unlocking Leadership Potential: How Greek Life Shapes Future Leaders

From social events and mixers to shared values and traditions, fraternity and sorority members develop a strong sense of belonging and camaraderie that extends far beyond their college years.

Planting the Seed to Shock the System

Taking on food insecurity directly, these students are connecting growers with consumers on their online platform.

A New Student Organization Brings Broadway Hits to Bradley

Bradley does Broadway, one of Bradley’s newest organizations ended the year with a cabaret-style performance featuring songs from on- and off-Broadway musicals.

When the Challenge is Worth It

Set on studying in the U.S., this cross-country runner overcame every obstacle in his way.

When Every Sound Matters

What does it take to be part of an eclectic ensemble like an a capella group?

A Field Trip to Springfield Teaches Advocacy 101

Students get a chance to meet with Illinois State Representatives to advocate for MAP Funding.

Breaking the Barriers Around Men and Mental Health

Senior capstone projects at Bradley are taking off and a group of students are helping fight the stigma around mental health for men.

FUSE Showcase Draws Record Crowd

Interactive media students turned their fantasies into reality, through projects they created for the 11th annual FUSE showcase at the Peoria Riverfront Museum.

Driving Diversity in History and Higher Education

She secured a spot in a DEI-driven Penn State program for underserved students interested in graduate school.

From Homeschooling to Higher Ed

After being homeschooled his entire life, Bradley Wichael made the most of his college experience.

Revved and Ready

These senior mechanical engineering students are building a Formula racecar and a wealth of skills.

Diving Deep into Adventure

Life has taken this alum over land, air and into the seas all around the world!

Staying Afloat and Having Fun

Water polo may be the Sport of Kings, but for the members of the Bradley Water Polo Club, it's a great excuse to have fun with friends and build endurance.

Bradley University Speech Team is Runner-Up in National Speech Championship

The team narrowly missed the championship, but turned out a great performance.

Fighting Pretty Empowers Women Living With Cancer

A new female-led organization on campus is shining a light to help women diagnosed with cancer in the area.

My Bradley Internship at Boeing

Overcoming imposter syndrome leads to a confidence-building internship.

Goal Tending

This Bradley sophomore is bringing new resources to women in sports communications.

The Bradley Scout Returns from a Weekend of Success

The Bradley Scout, Bradley’s student-run newspaper, scoops up several awards at annual ICPA conference.

New Safe Space at Bradley Welcomes Female Students

After nearly two years of planning, the new Women’s Center at Bradley has opened.

My Bradley Internship at Chemring

Peyton Girard discovered a love of aerospace engineering during her internship.

My Bradley Internship at Bloomberg

A first-generation marketing major gets a break in the Big Apple.

Daring to Fail

One of our brightest Alumna has found herself leading teams at Microsoft and Netflix thanks to her commitment to personal growth.

Creativity, Collaboration, Craft: Making Music for Video Games

In an industry of infinite possibilities, these students set out to bring sound to the stories.

LGBTQ+ Students Have a Space of their Own on Campus

Covered in lavender colored walls and rainbow decorations, the Kaleidoscope Center, housed within the Michael Student Center, is a safe space for LGBTQ+ students on campus.

Behind the scenes of a self-playing guitar

This Bradley alumnus made big moves building a robotic guitar that can play itself.

Bradley Student Scores a Touchdown with Special Internship

Senior Brihanna Jefferson got the internship of a lifetime along with 49 other students from across the country.

London Calling … for Sustainability Studies

Students and professors from the Foster College of Business and the Caterpillar College of Engineering and Technology converged in London for the first study abroad convergence course on sustainability.

Hometown Hero

This Peoria native is making the most of his Bradley scholarship.

Capturing the Climb

Winter is the start of the outdoor fun for the group of glacial mountaineers who tackle icefalls at Starved Rock State Park. Their cool flavor of adventure was captured by Matthew Klein '22 in his documentary "Ice Climbers of Starved Rock"

Testing Mettle with Twisting Metal

With an art installation for her MFA review under her belt, this grad student is casting her future in bronze.

NASA and Bradley Remember Robert Henry Lawrence Jr.

Spotlighting the efforts and impact of our fallen astronauts, NASA looks to the first Black American to join the ranks

Finding Home Halfway Around the World

These international student superstars are leading the charge for future generations.

Bravely Reaching Full Potential

How does a student achieve their post-college goals before graduating? The unique blend of personalized education and engaged faculty members at Bradley makes this a possibility and Chelsie Tamms '16 is proof! Her life plans were fast-tracked after becoming a Brave.

Bradley Announces Major Capital Grants from IBHE

Bradley University has been awarded more than $14.8 million in capital grants from the Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE) to fund two key campus projects.

The Underground Fight to Foster Community

This indie booking agent bridges the gap between business and music, making the most of a special time in the local music scene.

My Bradley Internship at DVI

One student’s pursuit to help individuals make the right decisions with their personal finances led to a fulfilling internship.

Better food at better prices? You betcha!

This student and her Bradley volunteers are providing produce for cheap so you can stay healthy.

Pack a bag for J-Term! The Ultimate Education Experience

Five students share their experiences from their J-term Study Abroad in London.

My Bradley Internship at RLI

An MBA student wanted to hone his IT operations knowledge in a real-world setting.

Bullseye! There’s A New Club on Campus

Meet the students losing arrows and loving every minute

A Creative Vision and Loving Tribute

A winding journey back to Bradley allowed this alumni to start a home for his passions that also carries a heartfelt legacy.

My Journey to Bradley

Junior Stephanie Bridgeman-McClaskey has taken a non-traditional route to Bradley, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Music for the Love of the Game

The Bradley Band keeps the energy pulsating through each basketball game.

Advocacy Posters on Display at Heuser Art Center

Grad student and Communications Instructor, Paige Dean, has unveiled four large-format advocacy posters to bring awareness to the long-term effects of childhood sexual abuse.

What do you get when you give?

One student’s commitment to service saw growth in her community and herself. Here’s how you could do the same!

Mixing majors and minors to great success

Here’s how these students are stepping toward law school and you can too!

Bradley Student Attends Prestigious Summit at West Point

Senior Jacob Chorak was selected as a delegate to represent Bradley at the Student Conference on United States Affairs (SCUSA) at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, Nov. 1 – 4.

Foil, Épée, and Saber … Oh My!

BU Fencing Club is a fun way to get active and learn some new skills.

UX Design Students Develop Real-World Solution for Caterpillar

Four teams of User Experience (UX) Design students have been working all semester to solve a UX issue for Caterpillar’s pre-registration service site for its SOS fluid analysis program.

What is the key to telling stories to different audiences?

From Baby Boomers to Gen Z, marketing students are learning the skills to communicate with everyone.

Three Bradley Students Earn National Scholarships

Three Bradley students are among 25 students from across the country selected in a competitive process to attend the national conference of the World Affairs Councils of America.

My Bradley Internship at Mattel

A lifelong fascination with designing toys became a reality for one student.

How Would You Fare in a 24-Hour Creative Challenge?

30 Bradley students were put to the test and met the time crunch head on.

Speech Scholarships Awarded to High School Seniors Attending Bradley

Centurion Society Inductees Jay ’59 and Joan ’69 Janssen are passionate about two things: Bradley University and its award-winning speech team.

When Patients are the Teachers, DPT Students Excel

Grad students in the DPT program get hands-on experience while patients receive critical therapy services.

Completing the Canvas: The Benefits of Building Your Own Major

This art therapist bridged the gap between her interests, and you can, too!

Want a job at the Circus?

Faith Gager landed Bradley’s first internship with Cirque du Soleil’s most technically challenging production.

If You Love To Dance, Have We Got A Club For You!

Bradley Ballroom provides the perfect outlet to move and make new friends on campus.

How Do You Succeed in Sports and Science?

Maria Perakis’ talents on the green translate to her important research work in the lab.

How do we get over our implicit biases?

A Bradley psychology student is leading the charge to break down those barriers.

Bradley Staff and Faculty Recognized at Founder’s Day Celebration

Several staff and faculty were presented awards for their outstanding service and dedication to Bradley University and its students.

Harsh Judgment: A Look at 19th Century Gender Values from Peoria’s YWCA

A Bradley senior dug deep into some long-forgotten records to learn there was no easy escape for a woman in an abusive relationship.

Want to Investigate Big Crime? An Internship with the FBI Could Be the Start

How a chance meeting turned into an FBI internship for one student.

A Fulbright Research Project Can Take You Places, Like Vienna

Amanda Riggenbach explores the impact of the Holocaust on the descendants of survivors.

How Jordan Tatgenhorst Found Fulfillment in On-the-Job Training

An internship at Komatsu challenged her and in turn, boosted her confidence.

How the Buddy System Can Help You Earn Your Degree

Two friends embark on their FNP and DNP degrees together.

Let's Get Moving at Markin!

Students are taking advantage of new Les Mills classes at Markin to burn off steam between classes.

What’s the secret to the perfect internship?

Inspired by her love of a video game, Alexsandra Wesolowski switched majors and aligned her passions with her career goals.

How To Turn Your Art Degree Into a Post-Grad Career

Studio art alum Megan Williams converts her drawings into digital t-shirt designs.

Unpacking ‘It’ in the Classroom: How You Can Explore Media Exploitation with Young Learners

Blending methodology and majors to explore the celebrity experience for women, these students are prepping classroom discussions for years to come.

Can a book help you find a great internship?

Grace Hutchison forged her own path guided by a book.

How Bradley biology students plan to bring conservation science to the masses

Professor Anant Deshwal plans to adapt Bradley’s conservation research into the popular nature documentary genre.

Are You Hungry?

If you live on campus, you’re in luck. There are plenty of great food options within walking distance.

What To Expect When You’re Visiting Bradley

Curious what’s in store for you on your visit to Bradley this summer? We’ve got the full primer here, plus food and coffee recs!

Going Beyond the Classroom

Devin Soldati’s summer internship shed light on challenges in rural hospitals.

How to Build Leadership Skills Personalized to You and Your Career

A reinvigorated Bradley Fellows scholarship program gave senior Lindsey Donlan the tools to succeed in her nursing career.

Wilma Nielsen Trains Her Body and Mind to Race into Bradley History

The Swedish track star became the first All-American in any sport at Bradley in 10 years. Now she's eyeing the global stage.

Could you feed a family of four a balanced meal for $10?

This challenge that was put to the test for students in FCS 103.

Frame-by-Frame Fundamentals

These Bradley animation students got hands-on experience with an industry expert and his stop-motion skeletons.

Microphones and Friends: How You Can Hit Record on Having Fun

This radio-turned podcasting group's rebirth brings a unique look at Bradley's campus and new opportunities for students.

Extra-Terrestrial: Space Homes Will Be Built from Sulfur Concrete or Possibly Bamboo.

Bradley senior Mitch Thiel led NASA-supported research on the construction of habitats on Mars

LGBTQ+ Students Bring More Opportunities to Campus

From Pride Prom to Lavender Graduation and more, meet the students empowering their peers to be themselves.

Urine Trouble?

Physical therapy students are searching for the cause and training for the solution to a common problem.

These Students Want to Make Your Environment Better

In Environmental Sociology, class projects encourage activism in creative ways.

Don’t See A Club You Like? Start your Own!

That’s just what student Kiki Fisher did in 2021, when she formed the Women’s Rugby Club.

The Engine Powering the Chicago Auto Show's Social Media Reach? Bradley Student Interns

The annual event, which draws 300,000-plus attendees, provides terrific hands-on experience.

Making A Wearable Statement

In a dress fit for the runway, Dean Jessica Clark is showing off the handiwork of two apparel production and merchandising majors.

A Handy Solution to Your Dry Skin

A search for a more practical hand lotion led to a profitable small business and the winning entry in the Big Idea Competition.

How Foreign Regimes Infiltrate Your Favorite Sports

A Bradley golfer and honors student looked at a new pro golf league that marks the latest example of “sportswashing.”

The Surreal Cereal Ideal: Meet the Students Scoring Breakfast by the Bowl

Pitting grains against each other for the sake of fun, this organization aims to take the serious out of cereal.

Do the Robot: STEM Competition Comes to Bradley

STEM students of all ages came together to showcase their outstanding interdisciplinary skills and awesome robots.

How to Explore Peoria in 11 Weeks

BU Explore Peoria student group showcases the city's fun amenities with weekly off-campus events.

From Parent Volunteer to Legend on Peoria's South Side

This former Peoria educator took a non-traditional path to acclaim, paving the way for a street named in her honor.

JET Program: A Teaching and Cultural Exchange Opportunity in Japan

Learn more about this highly competitive program from two recent Bradley graduates.

Keeping Peoria Firefighters Healthy and Fit, One Yoga Stretch at a Time

Bradley physical therapy students create an 8-week fitness program that keeps first responders in peak physical shape

A Place for Finding Friends: Admitted Students Take In Bradley's Offerings

With the future in the foreground, families came from miles in every direction to pay the university a visit.

The Spirit of Support: Q&A with Jocelyn Watkins

Bradley’s new Title IX Coordinator has lots of plans for the future of our campus.

Dual Identities: Journalism Professor by Day, Romance Author by Night

Sara Netzely, aka Sara Whitney, has applied her love for writing in her sizzling romance novels.

How Shaping Your Arts Intake Helps Dismantle Opression

When this Bradley alum saw injustice in the visual arts space, they looked inward to develop lasting change

And the Oscar Goes to ...

If you watch the Academy Awards this weekend, you may just see a Bradley alum give an acceptance speech.

A Chance Encounter Leads to a Coveted Internship

Landing an internship in your field can be the gateway to a promising career.

Ready, Set, Improv!

What do you get when you take 10 people, give them a couple of random topics and put them on stage? A whole lot of fun and unexpected comic relief.

Learning How to See Things Differently

Assistant Professor Jae H. Chae guides his graphic design students through a lesson in 3D typographic forms.

Two Thumbs Up: Brandon Towns reviews your favorite movies for

A budding filmmaker since 8th grade now has his eye on even bigger projects.