Emergency Information

Emergency Alert

In the event of a campus emergency, a warning will appear here. Updates to emergency situations will be posted here as additional information and instructions become available.

In addition, emergency information will be recorded at 309 677-4000.


General Emergency Preparedness

  • Familiarize yourself with evacuation procedures for your building. Emergency Evacuation/Tornado Shelter maps are posted on the walls of all buildings.
  • Know where fire extinguishers are located in your building.
  • Each academic and administrative unit should determine an assembly point outside of your building in the event of a building evacuation.

Faculty and Administrative Staff Responsibility

In the event that a fire alarm sounds or you are warned that there is a fire, all persons are required under state law to exit the building immediately. Failure to evacuate is a criminal offense. Persons in charge of a facility (including faculty teaching classes) are responsible for evacuating their area, and may be held personally liable for a failure to evacuate.

In the event of a tornado warning siren, persons in charge of a facility (including faculty teaching classes) are responsible for evacuating their areas to a designated severe weather shelter area. Each building has a designated severe weather shelter area. These locations can be found on the Emergency Evacuation/Tornado Shelter maps found on the walls of the buildings.

Emergency Alert General Instructions

When emergency alert is received stop classes or work. Provide for safety of all those in your area. Follow specific procedures below.

  • Take Shelter
    Go to basement or interior hallway and close doors. Refer to shelter location maps in hallways. Stay away from windows. Get under table or desk. Wait for all-clear.
  • Evacuate
    Exit the building via stairwells. Refer to evacuation route maps in hallways. Go to pre-arranged meeting place.
  • Shelter-in-place
    Select interior rooms with few windows or vents. Close doors and windows. Stay in place. Wait for all-clear.
  • Lock down
    Get into a room. Lock or block door. Shut off lights. Lock windows. Stay out of sight. Wait for further instructions.